A Street Soccer
An illustration of football, a theme that is suitable to be used as an illustration when the atmosphere of the world cup as it is today. The following is the process of how I make this illustration.
1. Sketching process
2. Coloring
I try not to use outlines, to make this illustrations less comic-like.
3. Shading
I made two layers of shadow. the color I use is dark blue with reduced opacity. This shadow is also used to provide detail on the crease of the shirt
4. Adding Highlights & Details
I added a highlight to add dimension. as well as I added detail on the clothes in the form of a motif to make it look more interesting.
5. Creating Background
I want the background to describe the atmosphere of the roadside, so it can represent the street soccer. I added buildings and houses.
6. Detailing the Background
adding detail to the background like clouds and windows to make it more alive.
7. Finishing
I add another detail in the background in the form of a dust puff, to make the character more stand out from the background.
Thank you!
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