The Confusion of Siegfried
This is a part of an illustration project called The Story Reimagined. I created some illustration based on a well-known stories around the world. This one is from the Swan Lake, a European ballet. This work represents three character of the story : Odette, Prince Siegfried, and Odile. This scene is when Prince Siegfried has accidentally betrayed Odette by accept to marry Odile.
1. Sketch
I would like to create a dynamic character in this illustration so each of them should be in a movement  And the movement should represents it's story.

2. Lineart
3. Coloring
Odile's outfit is actually black, but I make it a little bit blue to give a more vibrant color.
4. Shadow & Highlight
Also to give a vibrant color, I add a yellow highlight for each character
5. Add Background
The background should match with the personality of each character. I made an abstract background to frame each of them.
6. Background coloring, add details and final result
As the color of the character, I made a vibrant color for the background. Also, I add some details to make it more dynamic. 
Each character in individual image
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