As a rapidly expanding global platform for graphic design, Canva presents a wealth of opportunities for graphic designers and illustrators. One such opportunity is to become a contributor. This project was a collaborative effort with a friend, Deemak Daksina who has been a long-standing illustration assets creator for Canva. My role in this project was to create illustration assets for his Canva page. You can find more details here.
The process of creating these illustration assets began with researching trending themes or topics that would garner interest on Canva. From these themes, I brainstormed image ideas which were then transformed into illustrations in various styles.
This project allowed me to enhance my skills in creating illustrations across different styles. While having a unique style is crucial for an illustrator, the ability to adapt to various styles based on user requirements is equally important to develop.

A set of illustrations with the ThanksgivingĀ theme. I explored a lot about turkey dishes and family feast.

The theme of this illustrations set is Gathering with wide variety of activity that could be done when people meet their friends or family.

A Halloween themed illustrations set with children book style. Giving a cute Halloween ambiances.

A challenging natural disaster theme. portraying a fear and sorrow in a unique vibrant color that pleasant to the eyes.

That was some of the work I contributed to this project. You can use these images in your designs on Canva by going to Deemak Daksina's Canva page
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