The "Hajar Serangan Fajar" campaign, translating to "Strike at Dawn Attack," is a pivotal initiative orchestrated by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to advocate against bribery by legislative candidates during the 2024 presidential and legislative elections in Indonesia. This campaign underscores the importance of societal resistance to corruption, emphasizing the detrimental effects of succumbing to illicit monetary inducements. Through captivating illustrations, the campaign visually communicates the adverse consequences that accompany accepting bribes, aiming to raise public awareness and foster a culture of integrity in electoral processes.
Each artwork is meticulously crafted to convey complex messages in a clear and engaging manner. It is important to note that the illustrations are neutral in their depiction, neither endorsing nor disparaging any particular party or individual. Employing vibrant colors and playful imagery, the visuals are designed to attract and sustain viewer attention, making the campaign both informative and visually appealing. By leveraging humor and creativity, the "Hajar Serangan Fajar" campaign endeavors to provoke thoughtful reflection among citizens, encouraging active participation in safeguarding the integrity of democratic practices during election seasons.
Sketching process of 6 illustration used in the campaign
The design project is subsequently adapted into various sizes to ensure ease of use across different media platforms. This ensures versatility and accessibility in delivering the campaign's message effectively to a wide audience.
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