In the bustling realm of Canva's creator community, I have the opportunity to become a partner for a friend to create infographic poster templates in Canva. My role focuses on designing intricate layouts and captivating vector illustrations. We've meticulously crafted a series of infographic poster templates that blend seamless functionality with artistic flair.
Central to our collaboration is the art of vector illustration. Each illustrations is a testament to our commitment to visual storytelling, translating complex concepts into visually engaging graphics. Our templates are designed to empower users to effortlessly create polished, professional-grade visuals.
Below are some of the posters I've created. All of them are accessible in the Canva page of my friend in this link
Creating the infographic poster templates presented unique challenges, particularly in translating abstract concepts into cohesive visuals. To address this, I employed symbolic representations within the illustrations, ensuring alignment with the infographic's core ideas. Each design element was meticulously crafted to enhance clarity and resonate with the viewer, transforming complex information into visually compelling narratives.
Other posters also utilize clear concepts that can be easily represented using everyday physical objects like the posters above and below. This approach ensures that the ideas conveyed are readily understandable and relatable, enhancing the overall impact of the design.
That was some of the work I contributed to this project. You can use these images in your designs on Canva by going to Deemak Daksina's Canva page
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