Tehbotol is one of the famous tea drink brands in Indonesia. This year, Tehbotol has held a packaging design competition as a form of celebrating the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. In this competition, my design was chosen as one of the 14 winners whose designs will be printed on the special edition of Tehbotol.

The theme of this competition is tourist attractions in Indonesia. One of the theme options I have chosen for my design is Labuan Bajo.

Labuan Bajo itself is an island in Indonesia that is very exotic, equipped with charming sea views, a group of beautiful islands, and the presence of a typical Indonesian animal, namely the Komodo dragon. Exploring its beauty will be perfect if done on a phinisi boat, which is a type of sailing ship, at dusk at sunset.

The illustration that I made depicts an aerial view of Labuan Bajo with a fairly extreme perspective. This aims to accommodate the template design from the packaging that has been provided, so that the illustrations I make can fill the existing space with the right composition.

The Process

This illustration sketch process uses perspective guide lines with three vanishing points to create an ultra-wide angle effect. The stunning scenery in Labuan Bajo will be more enjoyable with a wide perspective. The color selection itself uses a combination of natural colors with a slightly elevated saturation. These colors take reference from the color of the sea and the islands that are there.

The Final Result
Illustrations applied to packaging design templates

A Closer Look

Final Released Product

After some time, this special edition packaging product was released in the market. This product can be purchased at several minimarkets in Indonesia. My designs are printed in box versions, along with the work of other designers.
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